So my office buddy Mark and I have this huge crush on a girl (I call her Ultimate Office Crush) from the Editorial department….

…so much that we immediately perk up like this—

…and stare at her when she stands up from her swivel chair and walk around the cubicles to talk some stuff with her groupmates.

Mark and I would exchange grins and turn back to where she was standing and be like—

When she’d catch us watching her, we’d be like—

And when she’d pass by, we’d be like—

When she’s out of sight we’d be like—

But then, one of our older groupmates, Ate Hiyas took note of our obsession and took it upon herself to actually introduce Mark and I to our Ultimate Office Crush.

So when Ate Hiyas told us her plan we were like—

And then we were like—

And when Ate Hiyas cornered our crush at the locker room, we were like—

So..when Ultimate Office Crush and Ate Hiyas came out of the locker room, she tapped me on the shoulder, I was like—

And Ate Hiyas was like, “(Ultimate Office Crush), this is Jay.” And Ultimate Office Crush smiled and waved, “Hello”.

And I played it cool like—

And then they went to Mark and Ate Hiyas introduced her too.

And Mark too was like—

And when both girls went away, we were like—

And then we were like—

It was the awkwardest and awesomest thing that happened at the office last Tuesday. XD

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